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Is Windows 10 A Real Pane?

Tuesday, 8 September 2015 17:41 Windows 10 Logo with background faded laptop

Ah change, it seems like as soon as we’re used to one thing, someone comes along and makes an ‘improvement’. So, is this latest Windows version as good as they make it out? I am by no means an OS expert, but I do use computers daily. Therefore, I can conclude that I am an authority on the subject.

Like many Windows 8 users, I was pestered with relentless notifications regarding the impending Windows 10 upgrade. It promised an easier user interface than Windows 8. I was tempted by the buzziest of buzz words, “free”, and eventually gave in and signed up for the beta version.

When the fateful day arrived, it took a good two hours before I was able to use my laptop again. Although, that might be because I have a HP laptop and as much as I love them, they sure do love to update themselves every other week. I use my laptop for writing and social media mumbo jumbo so I haven’t really noticed much difference with the new upgrade. Apps have replaced programs like Media Player; but, as I use iTunes and any video player, this isn’t an issue for me.

My favourite thing about Windows 10 is, by far, the return of the start menu! I really disliked the Windows 8 start menu, it gave me complete sensory overload. I will never again have to explain to my mother where the Start menu went!

Were you a fan of Her? Well Windows Cortana is a fun Samantha-like personal assistant; however, she’s not as advanced as Samantha and lacks Scarlett Johansson’s voice. She hasn’t made it to my country yet (unless one could somehow change their location settings, but surely something like that would be frowned upon); so I haven’t tried her out yet, but I hear good things! Don’t be worried about the rise of the machines, she is more like Siri than she is like HAL from 2001: Space Odyssey.

Another thing that I surprisingly enjoy using is Microsoft Edge. No, I have not given up on my love affair with Google Chrome. Frankly, Chrome is easier to use while doing any kind of work online. However, Edge, the newer version of Internet Explorer, does not suck. Like Chrome its web address bar is also a search bar; except of course it uses Bing instead of Google. Also with Microsoft Edge you can highlight and write on web pages with Web Note and even put in foot notes and save pages in a reading list for later. Arguably, you can do all this on Chrome as well, but I believe that it’s easier and more interactive than Chrome. I can imagine that these features would be extremely helpful to anyone examining a long article or study material online. So very student-friendly. It does share a number of features with Google Chrome, but it’s sleeker and honestly prettier – at least until Google Chrome updates comes around.

So, like every other online upgrade or change on the internet, it’s not the worst, but in the end you’re going to use it and forget all about it until the next upgrade comes along; which will be inevitable. So the circle of online life continues…

Authors Bio:
James’ Hunter is an editor at While he is not indulging aesthetic pursuits like collecting fine watches and bespoke suits, James’ writes topical IT pieces and reviews for computer games.

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