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Solution: OpenX "Connection Reset" PHP Error

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 01:58

OpenX is one of the best advertising systems around for online marketing and revenue and it's available as an unsupported open source download.   Of cause, this means sometimes things dont work as they should.

If you're running the OpenX 2.8.9 or earlier and you're receiving a "connection reset" ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error or similar in your browser and you've found this site, try checking the PHP Version you're running or have upgraded to on your server.

We've found that simply downgrade PHP to 5.2.x (e.g. 5.2.17) will fix these temporary errors.  We can confirm this occurs with PHP Versions 5.3.10 and 5.3.17 along side OpenX community editions 2.8.x.  It's a painful error to diagnose because there are little to no error logs that point to the problem.  Also I wasn't able to find the solution online so I thought I would post it here.
Hope this helps. 

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