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Australian Telstra Exchange Feature Codes

On the odd occasion, we find ourselves having to use advanced features on Telstra service landlines.  Finding these numbers is often time consuming and what's worse, trying to remember those exchange numbers you USE to know is frustrating.

This is why we've compiled my own list of Exchange Feature codes.  Please let us know if we have missed additional numbers that should be included. (VoIP Service Providers aren't covered below and if you're looking for Mobile GSM/2G/3G Network Feature Codes try here.)

Call Waiting/Conference

*#43# Check Call Waiting Status
*43# Enable Call Waiting
#43# Disable Call Waiting
*44 Dial before a number to Disable Call Waiting for the call duration
(This is only enabled on Ericsson based Exchanges)
[RECALL] 2 Dial during an active conversation to pick up an additional incoming call
[RECALL] 1 Dial during an active conversation to switch back to your original call
[RECALL] 3 Dial during an active and waiting conversation to join all together (max of 3 callers)

Call Forward - Immediate

*#21# Check Call Forward Immediate Status
*21 [forward number] # Enable Call Forward Immediate on all incoming calls
#21# Disable Call Forward Immediate

Call Forward - Busy

*#24# Check Call Forward Busy Status
*24 [forward number] # Enable Call Forward when line is Busy for incoming calls
#24# Disable Call Forward Busy

Call Forward - No Answer

*#61# Check Call Forward No Answer Status
*61 [forward number] * [time in seconds] # Enable Call Forward when line is Not Answered within the number of seconds
#61# Disable Call Forward No Answer

Telstra Landline Test Numbers

12722123 or

Playback of the current landline number (Unavailable on silent numbers)
12722199 Ring back the current landline number

Optus Landline Test Numbers

1272312 Playback the current landline number
1272322 Playback of 1KHz test tone
1272399 Ringback the current landline number

Fax Test Numbers

0396400999 or
Telstra number receives and sends back FAX test pages within a few minutes

Telstra MessageBank/Voicemail

101 Check MessageBank on the current landline/mobile
1800135102 Remotely check your MessageBank anywhere Australia-wide with a FreeCall (Very useful)
+61418707102 Remotely check your MessageBank anywhere World-wide

Last Call Return

*10# Check last missed call
0# Redial last number (unverified)
(This is only enabled on Ericsson based Exchanges)

Call Back (Busy)

[RECALL] *37# Dial to have Call Back enabled on a Busy line you're trying to reach
Your phone will ring as soon as the busy line becomes available

Call Control

*30 [old pin] * [new pin] * [new pin] # Setup/change current Call Control PIN Number
*#33# Check Call Control Status
*33 [pin] # Enable Call Control on line
#33 [pin] # Disable Call Control on line

Caller ID Control


Check Caller ID Status on landline
1831 [phone number] Blocks your Caller ID for the duration of the call
1832 [phone number] Unblocks your Caller ID for the duration of the call

Provider STD Override Codes

Carrier Prefix
Telstra 1411
AAPT 1414
Vodafone 1415
Orange 1425
GoTalk 1434
Soul 1441
TransACT 1447
Optus 1456
Primus 1466
PowerTel 1474

Australian Area Code List (National Prefix - for international calls, remove the leading zero e.g. 0712345678 = +61712345678)

Area Code State & Territory
001 Australia-wide (International Services)
014 Australia-wide (Satellite Services)
016 Australia-wide (Paging Services)
019 Australia-wide (Data Network Access Services)
02 New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
03 Victoria & Tasmania
04 Australia-wide (Digital Mobile Services)
0500 Universal Personal Telecommunications Space (UPT)
0550 Australia-wide (Independent Communications Services)
07 Queensland
08 Western Australia, South Australia & Northern Territory
110 Australia-wide (Community Services)
114 Australia-wide (Mass Calling Services)
124 & 125 Australia-wide (Operator Services)
127 Australia-wide (Testing Services)
128 Australia-wide (Call Information Services)
13 Australia-wide (Local Rate Services)
14 Australia-wide (Pre-Selection Over-Ride Services)
17 Australia-wide (National Rate Services)
18 Australia-wide (Freephone Services)
19 Australia-wide (Premium Rate Services)
505 Data Network Service & Department of Defence

As of June 2010 We've added more "STD Over-Ride Codes" and a more complete "Australian Area Code List".
As of February 2010, We've added "Call Forward - No Answer", "Telstra MessageBank/Voicemail", "Caller ID Control", "Call Back (Busy)" and more "Test Numbers".

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